Top Horse Tips and Tricks for Horse Paddocks & Fields

Horse tips and tricks - horse in the field


If you’re fed up of wrestling with electric fencing tape, or sick of freezing your hands fishing ice out of water troughs in winter, this list has 6 of the best horse tips and tricks for your horse paddocks and fields…


Top horse tips and tricks for fields and paddocks…


1) Frozen troughs are an inevitable issue in winter. Placing an inflated rubber football in the trough can make the ice easier to break up – always remove ice to slow down refreezing!


2) Fishing nets are great to scoop out debris from water troughs, and a cat litter scoop is ideal for removing broken up ice in winter


3) Muddy gateways and water trough areas are a winter misery and major risk for mud fever – if possible, use rubber field mats and/or surfacing such as hard core and bark to preserve these areas. If you can’t do this, consider sectioning off gateways with electric tape, and using a portable water tub so it can be moved regularly


4) Ragwort is a killer, so it really is worth investing in a proper ragwort removal tool like this one, which pulls it up from the root – if the ground is too hard, use a watering can to soften around the base (remember to wear gloves and burn the ragwort away from the paddocks/stables)


5) Setting up, taking down, and moving electric fencing can be a nightmare of tangled tape! Using an old hose reel to wind the tape up is a great way to keep the tape under control


6) Zip ties are a useful temporary fix for broken fencing until you have time to get the tools out, or replace the broken parts (for example, you can zip tie tape to a post if the tape holder snaps)



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