Horse Tips and Tricks for The Stable

Horse tips and tricks - horse in stable

I couldn’t even begin to count how many stables I’ve mucked out over the years. Needless to say, over this time I have picked up plenty of horse tips and tricks to make the job easier, here are the 8 best ones…


Top horse tips and tricks for the stable and mucking out…


1) Save your back – use long-handled tools to avoid stooping, and rather than struggling with one bucket full of water (and inevitably having it splash down the side of your wellington boot!), carry two ½ or ¾ full buckets, one in each hand, to make it easier, and keep your spine straight


2) When doing stable chores, muck out first – this means you can leave the bed up to air while you complete other tasks such as filling haynets and water buckets


3) To save bedding, when topping up your stable bed, spread the old bedding out flat, putting the dirtiest stuff where it’s usually wet first, then add new shavings/bedding to the banks – you can gradually pull this fresh stuff into the middle over the next few days

Horse tips and tricks - mucking out


4) Rubber gloves are your friend… muck out as you normally would and make the bed, then use rubber gloves and a skip to quickly pick off any bits of droppings you’ve missed


5) When you need to move heavy rubber stable mats, attaching a couple of C or G-clamps from the tool shed to the edges can make them much easier to grip and manoeuvre. If you don’t have these, folding/rolling the mat in half and pulling from the middle, creates less drag and makes them easier to move


6) If your horse kicks the stable door, lining it with rubber matting can protect their legs, the door, and really help to dull the noise!


7) There are two schools of thought on cobwebs – some people like them as they help to catch flies, others just see them as an eyesore and fire risk – I personally like web free stables! I find the best way to get rid of them is with a corn broom as they are lightweight. Once a week (before mucking out), start as high as you can reach and work down, just sweeping them away (and dodge any falling spiders!)

Horse tips and tricks - sweeping cobwebs


8) Most horses love a good scratch – you can buy some lovely purpose made rubber scratching panels to attach to the walls of your stable, alternatively (and often cheaper too), you can use sections of fake grass/astro turf to provide your horse with a satisfying place to have a rub



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