Horse Dream Meaning – What Does a Horse Represent?


Horse dream meaning – what do horses represent in your dreams? Over the years I’ve had so many dreams involving horses that it prompted me to research what they might mean.

Horse dreams are fairly common, and research suggests females tend to have more dreams than males do about them. (And I guess those of us involved with them in our daily lives, horse dreams are even more common!)

In general, a horse is usually seen as a positive symbol in a dream – horses can symbolise power, endurance and freedom; our personal drive and ambitions; passion, sex drive and libido. However, this can depend on the setting and circumstances you find them in your dream, and also the colour of the horse. Negatively expressed, a horse can be a sign that you are feeling constricted, or are taking too many risks in your ambitions, or be a sign that you out of control, or that sexual urges are excessive.

Read on to find out the horse dream meaning for some of the more common scenarios based on my research over the years…


Horse Dream Meaning of Brown Horses

Brown horses can be a symbol of strength, control over other people, and changes occurring within our lives, including shedding our issues and problems. Spiritually the colour brown is associated with the earth and ‘grounding’, so a brown horse can also represent the need to ‘ground’ ourselves in order to find the success or freedom we need.

Horse Dream Meaning of White Horses

White horses are seen as a good omen – they represent purity, peace, and good fortune. Dreams of white horses can indicate happy connections with others, a healthy relationship with sex and ambitions, spiritual awareness, and being at peace and going with the flow of life.

Horse Dream Meaning of Black Horses

So if white horses are positive, does that mean a black horse is negative? Not necessarily… black horses can represent mystery, secrets, changing negatives into positives, and moving forward. They can, however, also symbolise that you are overly ambitious, or too sexually driven.

Horse Dream Meaning of Wild Horses

Wild horses can indicate creativity and a need for freedom and adventure, and a feeling of being constrained. They can also represent natural and sexual urges that are getting out of control.

The Horse Dream Meaning of Stabled Horses

Stabled horses can be a sign of feeling constrained by others, or restricted/repressed within our life. It is also associated with our communication with others, and power over them, and can indicate hidden agendas.

The Meaning of a Horse being Controlled in your Dream

Seeing a horse that’s being controlled within a dream can be a sign that you are feeling under pressure or repressed, or need to break free and find your true self, and express yourself more freely.

The Meaning of Riding a Horse in your Dream

Riding a horse in your dream symbolises being in a position of power, or your sexuality. It can also mean that you have been manipulative, or lacking integrity, in your pursuit of success in life. If the horse you are riding in your dream is out of control, it can symbolise that your ambitions or sexual urges are excessive.

The Meaning of Falling Off of a Horse in your Dream

Falling off a horse in your dream can suggest you need to regain control over your life to get back on track, and can indicate that you are in unfamiliar territory.

Horse Dream Meaning of a Horse Pulling a Cart 

Work horses and carriage horses can represent challenges and difficulties you are working through in your life, and that you need to accept thing as they are to move forward.

Horse Dream Meaning of a Sick or Dying Horse

Seeing a sick or dying horse in your dream can be a sign that you are dealing with difficulties in life. Taking on these challenges and overcoming them will help personal growth.

Horse Dream Meaning of a Dead Horse

A dead horse can represent a metaphorical death of a relationship, friendship, or situation in your life. Dead horses can be a warning that you have lost direction, or need to move on to open the door to new possibilities. It may be time to let go of the people in your life, or goals/situations, you’ve held on to that no longer serve you.

Meaning of Killing a Horse in your Dream

Killing a horse in your dream can be an indicator that you need to take a long hard look at how you are relating to people – you may be hurting people that are close to you by being selfish.

So, what does it mean if You are the Horse in your dream?

Dreaming that you are the horse can be a wonderful experience. It can indicate a strong need to connect to our inner self and instincts. The feeling you have whilst being the horse, and the type/colour of the horse, as described above, will also influence the meaning of this dream.


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about horse dream meaning… try to focus on the symbolism within your dream, and how it relates to you and your life, and take the positives!


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