The Ultimate Guide to Horse Riding Arenas & Equestrian Facilities

Riding Arenas and Equestrian Facilities

    In this article we will cover everything you need to know about designing and creating the best equestrian facilities, covering everything from riding arenas to round pens, and cross country to hacking. Whether you’re building from scratch, refurbishing existing facilities, or simply wanting to learn more and understand …

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Horse care during covid-19 coronavirus lock down

  LOOKING AFTER HORSES DURING COVID-19 (CORONAVIRUS) LOCK DOWN   Hello to all ‘The Ultimate Equestrian’ readers… I am reaching out in a more immediate/personal way and writing this from the Home Counties of the UK, in light of the ‘lock down’ announced 23rd May by the Government here.   …

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Old Wives’ Tales & Superstitions About Horses

  We’ve all heard plenty of old wives’ tales and superstitions over the years, such as saluting lone magpies, not crossing the path of a black cat, smashing a mirror bringing bad luck, and horseshoes bringing good luck. Here are some horsey ones that are a mixture of absurd and …

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Horse Dream Meaning – What Does a Horse Represent?

Horse Dream Meaning - girl with horse and dream catcher

  Horse dream meaning – what do horses represent in your dreams? Over the years I’ve had so many dreams involving horses that it prompted me to research what they might mean. Horse dreams are fairly common, and research suggests females tend to have more dreams than males do about …

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25 Horse Jokes and Puns – Horse Humour

Horse jokes and Puns - horse laughing

  Time for some light relief… here’s a list I’ve compiled of 25 horse jokes and puns to put a smile on your face, and make your friends roll their eyes – the good, the bad (and some down right cringey!) horse humour for equestrians…   We may as well …

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Horse Tips and Tricks for Riding

Horse tips and tricks - horse galloping

  Having ridden since I was small child, and been both student and teacher in countless lessons over the years, I’ve accumulated lots of horse tips and tricks to improve your horse riding and make life easier… here are the top 14, including how to perfect your position, ideas for …

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Horse Care Tips and Tricks for Horse Handling

Horse care tips and tricks - leading a horse

9 of the most useful horse care tips and tricks for the best ways to handle your horse, including advice for tricky loaders, sensitive horses, ones that won’t be caught and more…   Top horse care tips and tricks for handling your horse…   1) Prod don’t push – if …

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Horse Care Tips and Tricks for Grooming

Horse care tips and tricks - grooming a horse

18 of the best horse care tips and tricks for grooming your horse – how to trim the perfect tail, make your own fly spray, get a good line when clipping, and much more…   Top horse care tips and tricks for grooming…   1) Un-fragranced baby wipes, suitable for …

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